A big thank you from me to all my coaching clients who have so generously taken the time to write the following testimonials!

“I have just finished the 12 week programme with Richard and honestly I couldnt recommend it enough. I was very much in the way of thinking that I was my thoughts, that any negative emotion was bad and would fight all day to get rid of it causing me no end off suffering. Richard, through his teachings and meditations has really opened my eyes, heart and mind to acceptance and peace. Opened my heart to stop being so critical off myself, to show myself some love. Opened my mind to the awareness that simply observes all the passing emotions and thoughts. And opened my eyes to a completely new outlook in life with wisdom i can pass onto my daughter. Richard is so easy going and I loved our sessions together and really learned for the first time what meditation can do. I have all the recordings of our sessions so can always go back to them when needed. I just want to finish by saying thank you Richard, for all your time, even outside our sessions. I truly consider you a friend now and will always keep in touch.” — Brian McQuade, Glasgow, Scotland.

“I found Richard’s articles and books so inspiring, so full of ideas that were new to me, that I approached him to be my coach. At the time, I was rigid, judgemental and suffered from wanting to control everything in my life. Now, 9 months later, I feel I’m a changed person. More and more, I am replacing being reactive with being present. I’m learning to let people and situations be as they are. Thanks to Richard’s wonderful wisdom, patience and humour, I now see my mind in a completely different way. I’ve learned to step back from the drama and allow what Richard calls the “little cartoon character” (a helpful image) with all his shoulds and shouldn’ts and control issues to do his thing, without me needing to get involved. I know this journey is tough but his guidance is helping me a lot in moving through the obstacles. Thank you Richard.” — Ramesh Bonigi, Chennai, India.

“When I first started working with Richard I was coming out of a pretty bad place mentally. I remember being alone with all my thoughts and with no distractions for the first time in a while, and the intrusive thoughts that I couldn’t control were driving me to a point of feeling crazy. Working with Richard taught me how normal the craziness of the mind is, and that the only thing that’s really crazy is this illusion that the mind is supposed to be something different. We practiced different techniques for learning how to accept the mind just as it is and give it space to be crazy, which counter-intuitively I’ve learned is the best way to find long-term peaceful. Richard has been a great friend and mentor through this process and I highly recommend him for anyone who is trying to learn how to live with the craziness their mind creates!”

—Eric Howard, Florida, US.


“All I can say as a recent pupil of Richards is that, after 20 years of being completely enmeshed in the mind with anxious thoughts, continually thinking, analysing and being completely caught in thought, I now feel completely different! I was  an expert on my problems, having read and practised everything I could THINK of! Then somehow I stumbled across Richard’s books and read his simple explanation about  thoughts and thinking! Wow that really was a game changer! I read the offer on a free call so for this first time ever I reached out! I decided to begin the coaching sessions! I didn’t go into this with high expectations but my emotional and inner self has changed and so has my life. For the first time in many years I am finding peace again!

Richard is a gifted teacher and with what appear to be simple meditations that lead to a special space and there we find ourselves!  To anyone thinking about taking this course do it for yourself! It’s not the cost of the course that matters it the cost of never finding your way that does. Yours in peace.”—Jo Wass. Melbourne, Australia

“Loving our one-to-one sessions together, Richard. They are amazing. The peace and stillness is palpable… even through the screen. I have had so many insights off the back of that. You manage to make every situation seem so straight forward with endless possibilities where earlier, there seemed to be none. I honestly cannot recommend you and the work you do highly enough. In and of itself, it is a beautiful experience. Thank you. You’re truly a natural in this arena.” —Alys Daly, Bewdley, UK.

“After reading Richard’s book, ‘Kick The Thinking Habit,’ I just had to reach out to him, and seek his guidance. The past few years for me have been challenging to say the least. I spent so much time, resources, energy and effort seeking something externally to fix my problems, hoping that one day I would find the magic bullet that would make all the hurt, suffering, pain and grief disappear.

When I met Richard, I told him I was suffering and that I needed someone to teach me how to change my relationship with the mind. Through working with him, I have learnt so much about the nature of who we really are. I learned that rather than seeking peace of mind, we can have peace with the mind. Understanding this was a total game-changer for  me. I learned that no matter what my mind is doing, whether it is generating positive thoughts or negative ones, I can still maintain peace.

Richard helped me recognise that meditation is not just about sitting in a chair and focusing on the breath for 20 minutes a day, rather it is a practice that can be integrated into every wakeful moment in our lives. I have learnt how to step away from my thoughts and observe them without judgement and so much more. I recognise that this is a lifelong learning process and for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I am optimistic about the future. Thank you so much Richard, for your wisdom, your care, your compassion,  your guidance…. and your laughter!” —Nathan Jennings, NSW, Australia

“Working with Richard has been a huge blessing! I was stuck in thoughts, tried reading self-help books and fixing myself for years. My moment of clarity came when Richard became my coach. I am finally understanding how to stay present, not get sucked into the mind’s drama and not to “ let the servant take over the throne!” Richard radiates peace and calm and  his coaching is very sincere and honest. I’d strongly recommend working with him. Thank you!” — Donna Knepper, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“I read Richard Paterson’s book Kick The Thinking Habit and it was so informative and helpful. I subsequently reached out to him for one-on-one coaching and I did twelve one-hour sessions with him.

My time spent with Richard was so enlightening and inspirational. He taught and guided me in so many positive ways. He has given me a clear understanding of how the mind works and how to work with the mind. The practices Richard has taught me have greatly reduced my stress and helped me be more relaxed.

Richard is patient and is an amazing listener. But most importantly he is so kind and compassionate. Anytime I had a question after a session i emailed Richard and I received a prompt response with detailed explanations. I highly recommend Richard Paterson for anyone who wants to learn to be more present and improve their well being.” — Michael Weiss, Cleveland, Ohio.

“I was so blown away by Richard’s articles on meditation, overthinking and peace of mind, that I purchased and read his book “Kick The Thinking Habit” immediately. The results from simply reading this book were mind blowing! I came off the anti-depressants I was on and felt a tremendous sense of freedom and happiness. My mind was so still and quiet. I went on to have one-to-one coaching with Richard and the sense of peace I felt deepened.

I came to understand the truth of the thinking mind and the true causes of suffering. The coaching with Richard allowed me to make some of the biggest decisions and changes of my life. Richard is incredibly knowledgeable and has the most beautiful presence. He is a pleasure to work with and gently holds your hand through the whole process as your understanding deepens, leaving only peace. Thank you Richard, I feel truly blessed to have met you!” — A.G. Payge, Worcestershire, UK.

“I worked with Richard for twelve weeks where he shared strategies to improve my approach to life and gave me excellent mindfulness tools to use. His think less and grow rich concept is based on his real life experience and learnings from teachers that he worked with throughout his life.  He is personable, relatable and has a great sense of humor.  Our sessions and homework were challenging, enjoyable and life changing.  Highly recommended. – John Wittig, Pennsylvania, US.

Hi Richard, I would like you to know that you have helped me tremendously. In the 8 sessions i have had with you, i can truly say that you have changed my mindset. I have read hundreds of self help books and had many counselling sessions regarding my suffering. I have even tried medications for my depression over the years. All modalities have helped me to a limited amount. However, having 12 sessions with you has left me feeling so much better. I came to you with zero expectations. At best i thought i could get some small pearls to have some peace in my mind. However, you have totally changed the way i look at life. I still have neurotic thoughts and my mind is as crazy as ever but i have learnt to deal with it. I don’t even know why i reached out to you. I can not tell you enough about how my brain has changed to accept all these thoughts that i either fought with or gave energy to. I thank you so much for being my teacher. You came to me when i had reached my rock bottom. Thank you again for changing my life. Feroza Aladin, Niagara Falls, Canada.

“Richard helped me take a different perspective on my experience of anxious thoughts and feelings. The single, most important take away from our coaching sessions has been realising that even though I experience anxiety, I am not broken and do not need fixing. I am human, capable of experiencing a range of emotions. The issue I had was judging these emotions as wrong or bad. Creating a more compassionate and loving attitude towards myself is the key to unlocking the door to the peace that has always been there. Richard meets you where you are, without judgement. I learned a lot about building a better relationship with my own thoughts and feelings through Richard’s approach.
The journey I have been on is understanding the goal is not to get rid of thoughts and feelings but rather building a different relationship with them, realising fundamentally that I am ok in that moment, whatever arises.
To sum up Richards approach: compassion, kindness, uncovering the peace that is already present within you. Simply; love. — Matthew B., UK. 

“Richard’s knowledge and education combined with his own personal insight and experience gives him a unique gift.  He has been a beacon of transformation in my life and the way I look at the outer world and my inner world have been changed immeasurably for the better.  His 12-week coaching program is worth its weight in gold and I would recommend it without hesitation.  I am looking forward to continuing our sessions together. — Patty Burke, New York.

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