One-on-One Coaching

one-on-one coaching

Imagine if you were able to…

stop the mind’s incessant chatter at will and consciously choose to feel calm, relaxed and at peace instead.

break free of difficult emotions such as anxiety, fear, worry or anger.

silence your inner critic and experience yourself instead through the eyes of kindness and self-acceptance 

stop striving to be ‘good enough’ and allow yourself to be ‘enough’ just as you are. 

arrive in the moment and feel perfectly fulfilled and complete. 

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“Working with Richard has been a massive blessing. I was stuck in thoughts, tried reading self-help books and fixing myself for several years. My moment of clarity came quickly when Richard became my coach. I am finally understanding how to stay present, not get sucked into the mind’s drama and not to “ let the servant take over the throne!” He radiates peace and his coaching is very sincere and honest!”  Donna Knepper, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kick the Thinking Habit 12-Week Coaching Package

A powerful program that will help you take back control of a runaway mind, free yourself of excessive thinking, and experience more peace, calm and inner freedom than you thought possible. The experience you are looking for may well be much closer than you think.

Based on the ideas in my book, Kick The Thinking Habit, you’ll learn how approaching your thoughts, feelings and emotions from a different perspective is the key to a continuous experience of inner peace… and it works no matter how busy the mind is. (hint: your thoughts are NOT the problem).

Who Is It For?    Anyone who struggles with patterns such as anxiety, fear, worry, depression or self-judgement.                                 Those who are looking for a richer, more connected, more spiritual experience of life.

Why Twelve Weeks?  Although the path to peace with the mind is straightforward and simple to understand, it does require effort and commitment to break out of the old thinking patterns, especially in the beginning.

This is where it is invaluable to have a coach to keep you on track.

I will help you clarify what you want to achieve, guide you through a tried and tested process to disentangle yourself from the mind and, (with your permission) hold you accountable until you reach your goal.

In my experience, it takes around twelve weeks to break the old thinking habits and establish a new way of relating to the mind.

The package includes:

  • 12 one-hour Zoom calls
  • unlimited support via email
  • recordings of all coaching calls and guided meditations 
  • weekly assignments/accountability 

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What some of my clients are saying:

“I worked with Richard for twelve weeks where he shared strategies to improve my approach to life and gave me excellent mindfulness tools to use. His think less and grow rich concept is based on his real life experience and learnings from teachers that he worked with throughout his life.  He is personable, relatable and has a great sense of humor.  Our sessions and homework were challenging, enjoyable and life changing.  Highly recommended. – John Wittig


“I read Richard’s book ‘Kick The Thinking Habit’ and found it so informative and helpful. I subsequently reached out for one-on-one coaching and did twelve sessions with him. My time spent with Richard was so enlightening and inspirational. He taught and guided me in so many positive ways. He has given me a clear understanding of how the mind works and how to become free from excessive thinking. The practices Richard has taught me have greatly reduced my stress and helped me be more relaxed.

Richard is patient and is an amazing listener. But most importantly, he is so kind and compassionate. Anytime I had a question, I emailed Richard and always received a prompt response with detailed explanations. I highly recommend Richard Paterson for anyone who wants to learn to be more present and improve their well being”. Michael Weiss, Cleveland, Ohio.


“I found Richard’s articles and books so inspiring, so full of ideas that were new to me, that I approached him to be my coach. At the time, I was rigid, judgemental and suffered from wanting to control everything in my life. Now, 9 months later, I feel I’m a changed person. More and more, I am replacing being reactive with being present. I’m learning to let people and situations be as they are. Thanks to Richard’s wonderful wisdom, patience and humour, I now see my mind in a completely different way. I’ve learned to step back from the drama and allow what Richard calls the “little cartoon character” (a helpful image) with all his shoulds and shouldn’ts and control issues to do his thing, without me needing to get involved. I know this journey is tough but his guidance is helping me a lot in moving through the obstacles. Thank you Richard.”  Ramesh B. (Chennai, India).

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