Does overthinking leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and wanting to pull your hair out?

Want to know some simple steps you can take that will make a world of difference right away?

Written by an ex-monk, Kick The Thinking Habit is a practical, step-by-step guide that will show you how to pull the plug on your busy mind to experience more inner peace and happiness straight away.


“Kick The Thinking Habit is an absolute must-read if you are troubled by incessant thinking. It offers clear and concise guidance to help you get back to a place of  peace and serenity in no time.”  Sandy C Newbigging, No. 1 best-selling author of Mind Calm. 

Dear friend,

Is an overactive mind  driving you nuts and robbing you of your peace?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed from listening to the same old broken records playing over and over in your head and wish there was a way out—a way to pull the plug?

Well, I know exactly where you are coming from. And I also know the answer to your problem.

For years, I felt trapped inside my own head with a neurotic chatterbox for company—a whiny voice that never shut up, even for a moment.  

And I had no idea what to do about it.

I read self-help books, spent a small fortune on therapy and workshops, stuck positive affirmation post-it notes around the house and in my car. And although these approaches brought some relief, none of them addressed the REAL ISSUE, which was this: 

My peace, or lack of it, was entirely dependent on whatever random thoughts happened to be passing through my mind in any given moment. My peace was at the mercy of something I had no control over. 

And then one day, on a meditation retreat, I had a light bulb moment which changed everything. 

It happened from one moment to the next. All the usual troublemakers were still there—the fear thoughts, the worry thoughts, the doubt thoughts—but they were no longer affecting my peace in the same way.

I have written this book to share with you a simple shift in perception that can literally change your life—no matter how busy or ‘screwed-up’ you believe your mind to be. The beautiful truth is that ANYONE can experience more peace.  And it doesn’t require time.


“I stumbled upon this book searching for something different. I have read a ton of books on the subject…literally the best book I have EVER read. Thank you for sharing your knowledge …and your humour!” — Ryan Ford, Salem, Utah.

A Life Changing Discovery

For years, my mind was like an out-of-control Frankenstein monster that seemed to have a life of its own. I believed I had no option but to listen to its incessant ramblings all day long. 

When the thoughts were pleasant, I was happy. When they were unpleasant, I was unhappy. I was like a marionette being dragged around by the puppeteer mind.

And here is the crux of the matter. 

In my efforts to break free of mind-created suffering, I had been focusing on trying to ‘fix’ the mind itself—on trying to change undesirable thoughts and thinking patterns into more acceptable, more palatable ones. I equated peace with having pleasant thoughts.

But what if your thoughts weren’t the real problem? 

What if the mind itself wasn’t the problem but the way you relate to it?

All along, I had been barking up the wrong tree— looking for peace of mind rather than making peace WITH the mind as it is. 

In this book, you will learn how you habitually give the mind power by: 

  •  giving it so much attention and importance 
  • believing everything it tells you
  • judging and resisting the thoughts that arise
  • taking the thoughts personally
  • believing the thoughts are who you are

In truth, the mind has only as much power as you give it

Learn to withdraw your attention from the mind (I will show you how) and it loses its power to affect your peace. Instead of trying to find peace of mind through the near-impossible approach of trying to ffix all your thoughts, learn to experience peace with your mind straight away through changing how you relate to thoughts as they arise.



Thank you so much Richard for this wonderful book. It all makes so much sense. My mind has been tormenting me for years and I feel so much freer already. I woke up excited this morning, ready to apply this wisdom—especially the part about taking the mind’s stories with a large pinch of salt. I’ve recommended the book to all my friends. Thank you. —Angela Brown, Canberra, Australia


This 157-page ebook is written in 5 parts, which loosely represent the stages of my own journey. Reading this book will hopefully enable you to quickly grasp what took me years to discover.

It is important to realise that breaking free of mind-created suffering need not take any time at all, regardless of how stuck you believe yourself to be. Changing your relationship with thoughts can happen in an

Setting The Scene

  • unconscious thinking is a habit we learn at a young age
  • it is the ‘mother of all addictions’
  • you suffer when you take the voices in our head seriously, believe what they tell you and think you have no choice but to listen
  • the mind only has as much power as you give it

Distraction And Self-Improvement

  • alcohol, television, gadgets, over-working, busi-ness
  • self-improvement does NOT address the issue of addictive thinking
  • there’s no need to fix the content of the mind to experience peace
  • changing the ideas you have about the mind


  • becoming the watcher of the mind rather than being lost in the mind
  • deeply questioning our false beliefs and unfounded assumptions
  • taking the mind’s version of reality with a large pinch of salt
  • examining the belief that “there is something wrong with me as I am”
  • dropping our resistance to the mind –  accepting it exactly as it is
  • being innocent –  letting go of our preconceived ideas and beliefs

The Mechanics Of Thinking

  • exercises for watching the mind
  • becoming the watcher rather than the thinker
  • thoughts appear by themselves and, if left alone, disappear again
  • suffering is created by our resistance to thoughts
  • thinking itself is a choice


  • the mind pulls us out of the moment and into the past and future
  • experiencing life second-hand through the mind’s complex filters
  • how to experience the simple joy of being here now
  • present moment awareness stops thinking dead in its tracks
  • powerful exercises for directing the attention inward
  • the benefits of mindfulness and meditation

 I’ve been trapped for years in the iron grip of excessive thinking and to be honest, I considered myself a lost case. This book has literally been a life saver. While I’m not yet free of addictive thinking, I’m experiencing more peace than ever before. I’ve already recommended it to all my friends — Bettina Holdsworth, Durban, S. Africa



My name is Richard Paterson. I am originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I spent years sitting cross-legged at the feet of  gurus including  7 years living as a monk. I have been teaching  meditation for over 20 years.

When I first ‘got’ the ideas outlined in this book, I wanted to shout it out from the rooftops!

After all, if there was a simple way to eradicate most of our mind-created suffering in a short period of time, surely everyone would want to know about it

The simple ideas I share in “Kick The Thinking Habit” really work. They have completely transformed my own life and the lives of many others. And it can do the same for you.

Paradoxically, attempting to escape the mind by trying to fix or change it, is precisely what keeps us trapped.

Once you see the mind for what it really is and understand the true cause of mind-created suffering, the issue is resolved in the seeing itself. There is nothing else you need do.

For the past 20 years, it has been my privilege and joy  to share these teachings with others — through spiritual life coaching, mindfulness classes and through my books. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve just read the whole book from cover to cover and feel much freer already. Exciting stuff! I love the bit about “Leave the mind in peace to do its thing and it will leave you in peace to do yours.” I can’t believe it’s so simple.— Rosie Hurwitz, Brooklyn, New York. 

For the modest price of $12.75,  the cost of a meal, you will have the timeless secrets of eternal and ever-lasting peace delivered directly to your inbox! How’s that for value?

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Wishing you peace and success! Richard

p.s Implementing the strategies in this ebook will immediately make your life more peaceful and enjoyable, so why delay another day?