How To Switch Off The Mind's Incessant Chatter At Will And Allow Peace, Happiness and Inner Freedom to Blossom

Do you have a mind that’s busier than Grand Central Station on a holiday weekend… and no idea how to switch the damn thing off to get some peace and quiet?

Then you’re going to love this book.

Richard’s latest book, Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking offers two new ground-breaking frameworks that will help you:

  • instantly take back control of your runaway thoughts
  • consciously stop unproductive thinking in any moment
  • effortlessly cut out 95% of the unwanted traffic in your head
  • grow in kindness, compassion and self-acceptance 
  • choose for peace in any moment— no matter what is going on in your head


Dear friend,

The Indian spiritual teacher Osho once said that the mind is a ‘beautiful servant but a dangerous master’.  And it’s so true.

Used consciously, the human mind is an incredible tool. But when thinking is unconscious and running on autopilot, as is the case with most people… well, we all know the consequences of that. 

An untamed and out of control mind will cause you endless trouble and seriously impact your quality of life—and the lives of everyone around you.

But here’s the good news. Taking back control of the mind and learning to use it consciously, as YOU choose, is actually far simpler and quicker to achieve than you may think.

Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking will show you exactly how to break free from the clutches of a noisy mind for good—not by trying to fix the content of the mind (that would take years) but by changing the way you relate to thoughts as they arise—specifically, by seeing through some common false beliefs and misunderstandings that keep most people trapped in their heads for life. 

Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking offers a simple, practical and effective path for switching off the mind at will and restoring it to its rightful position of servant. 

After reading this book, you’ll never look upon the mind in the same way again. 

What You Will Learn

You’ll learn…

  • how there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with having a restless monkey mind. (we suffer because we believe it should be peaceful).
  • why trying to find peace of mind through ‘working on yourself’ is like trying to iron the ocean… and will take years
  • how withdrawing your attention from the mind will stop thinking dead in its tracks 
  • how making peace WITH the mind exactly as it is, is the key to experiencing ongoing peace
  • the 7 false beliefs that will keep you trapped in your head forever… and how seeing through them can set you free in an instant.
  • the difference between peace as a feeling that comes and goes and the unshakeable peace of your true nature
  • one simple insight that will eliminate 95% of the unwanted traffic in your head
  • my entire ‘7 Steps to Inner Freedom’ signature coaching program

and you’ll learn much, much more…

The book focuses primarily on ways to deal with the mind differently to take back control and dramatically reduce the amount of unconscious mind traffic.

The Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking Bundle (see below) also includes the audiobook and 9 powerful meditations which will enable you to not only grasp the ideas in the book conceptually but also dive deep into a direct experience of the ever-present peace that lies beneath the surface movements of the mind. 

About the Author

Richard author

In his latest book, Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking, former monk and spiritual coach Richard Paterson offers a crystal clear path for anyone wishing to take back control of a busy mind, stop excessive thinking at will and find the deep peace of your true nature. 

Ever on the search for simpler and quicker ways to help people break free from the trap unwanted thinking, this book presents (for the first time) two powerful new frameworks that will change the way you perceive the mind in an instant.

Real change doesn’t come from trying to fix the mind or change your thoughts. That would take years of hard work. Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking will forever change your perception of the mind. True freedom comes from seeing the mind in a different light.


You can either grab Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking as a standalone .pdf  ($12.75)


For a deeper, more transformative experience of the teachings, purchase the Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking Bundle here. ($47)

The bundle includes the.pdf + the audiobook + 9 guided meditations to reinforce the individual lessons as you work your way through each chapter. The meditations will ensure that you don’t only grasp the teachings conceptually but also experience the truth directly for yourself.

Here are the 9 meditations:

Leave Your Mind at the Door  guiding you to a direct experience of the peace that exists beyond the mind.

The Raisin Exercise recognising the miracle of present moment awareness

Recognising the Restless Mind   recognising that there is a self-arising stream of thoughts that you have no control over

Quieting the Mind  in each moment, you can choose whether to engage with thoughts or leave them alone to do their own thing. 

Settling the Mind  a powerful mindfulness practice that will instantly stop thinking in its tracks

The Current and the Observer  stepping back and observing the self-arising flow of thoughts as a non-judgemental observer

The Noticing Exercise  using present moment awareness as a tool to stop any stream of thinking immediately 

Don’t Follow Your Thoughts You are the one in charge. Without your participation, the mind has no power to affect your peace.

Being Yourself   a deep dive into the eternal peace of your true nature. 


Money Back Guarantee

For the modest price of a meal, you’ll have the timeless secrets of eternal and ever-lasting peace delivered directly into your inbox!  How’s that for value?

Immediately after you hit the buy button, you can download your purchase and start applying these life-changing insights straight away.

And to make your purchase an absolutely risk-free no brainer (pun intended!) both the Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking ebook and Bundle come with a full 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

If , for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with either product, just email me within 30 days of your date of purchase and I will happily issue your refund straight away.

Your purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.

Wishing you peace and happiness! Richard 30

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