Awaken the Happy You

Rediscover the natural joy, freedom and zest for life you knew as a kid

Do you remember how joyful and carefree life was as a child?

What happens to this natural state of happiness as we get older? Does it leave us? Or is it still there, just where we left it—waiting to be recognised?

“Awaken The Happy You” shines a light on the habits, false beliefs and lifestyle choices that disconnect us from the wellspring of joy within. 

It is packed full of insights, exercises and practical steps you can take right away to reconnect with the direct experience of happiness now.


“What a brilliant book! Richard has a real gift for sharing profound truths in a simple, clear and easy to understand manner. I swear I could feel energy pouring out of the pages at times!  What stuck for me most is the illusion of future happiness and the understanding that it can only be experienced right now. Thank you Richard, for your wisdom, inspiration and entertaining stories.” — Scott Thomson, Dundee, Scotland.


Dear friend, 

Imagine a life where you wake up excited each morning. It’s not your birthday. You’re not about to go on holiday. It’s just another day, yet you’re excited. You can’t wait to get out of bed.

Most of us can remember a time when life was joyful and carefree – as a child or as a young adult, perhaps?

I remember how excited and alive I felt when I hitchhiked from Scotland to Greece as an 18-year-old. Perhaps you have similar memories? 

For most of us, the experience of uncaused joy, inner freedom and adventure seems to fade as we get older. For reasons I outline in the book, we become disconnected from the natural source of joy within. Losing our inner connection, we inevitably begin to look for happiness on the outside – through wealth, success, possessions or relationships.

“When we forget that we are joy, something strange happens. We begin to search for happiness on the outside.” —Robert Holden

But even when we get the promotion, the dream home or the Ferrari, how long are we content for? Do these things really make us happy?

Research shows that life circumstances account for only 10% of our happiness. Even when we have acquired all the things we believe SHOULD make us happy, there still remains a gnawing sense of ‘something missing’ – an itch that can’t be relieved through more stuff, more success or different circumstances. 

What we are really looking for is a way to come home to our unconditioned, authentic Selves – to the natural state of joy within.

I have written “Awaken The Happy You” to show you how to achieve this. The better you get to know your true self, the happier you become – regardless of the circumstances in your life. 


”Man’s real nature is happiness. Happiness is inborn in the true Self. His search for happiness is an unconscious search for his true Self.” – Sri Ramana Maharishi

Combining Western psychology and Eastern spiritual teachings, “Awaken The Happy You” shines a light on the habits, false beliefs, conditioned ways of thinking and lifestyle choices that cut us off from the natural flow of happiness within. It is filled with practical guidance – insights, stories, exercises and guided meditations – that provide a clear roadmap for creating genuine change and for reconnecting with your ‘happy self’. 


“A great book, full of great insights, written by a great storyteller. I can’t recommend it enough. — Monica Duncan, Stow, Scotland



  • the self-image vs the unconditioned self
  • your definition of happiness
  • what the research tells us
  • why some people are happier than others
  • three common happiness myths debunked
  • future happiness vs being happy now
  • change your story, change your world
  • common happiness-busting beliefs


  • feeding the happiness wolf
  • being happy on purpose
  • happiness is a choice
  • putting happiness first
  • gratitude is the attitude
  • making peace with a busy mind
  • the joy of giving
  • release your prisoners


  • simplicity is key
  • a natural life is a happy life
  • social connection and happiness
  • discovering your passion
  • saying YES to life


  • happiness is who you are
  • what remains when you put the person aside?
  • a case of mistaken identity
  • you are not your thoughts
  • the gift of the present moment
  • calling off the search
  • meditation and happiness
  • man’s true nature

“I didn’t want this book to end. I love Richard’s writing style. He is funny, uses great analogies and shares profound truths that resonate deep in my heart.  As he says throughout the book, everything we are looking for is right here within us in this moment. Thanks for the reminder—Maggie Dawson, Chicago, Illinosis.


Although this book has taken only a few months to write, the insights, wisdom and stories I share have been gathered over many years of travelling the world, seeking my own answers to life’s most important question ….how to find meaning, fulfilment and genuine happiness in life?

I have lived as a monk, driven taxis, had money, had no money, spent years at the feet of Indian gurus, played in rock bands, ran healing and meditation centres and, throughout all of this, I have learned that it doesn’t really matter where you are or what you are doing. Happiness can only be found NOW, wherever you find yourself.

It can’t be found in some other place, some other time or some other situation. The ‘journey’ to happiness is a journey from not here, not now to right here, right now.  


There is no need to search for it. See what the blocks are, learn how to remove them and your natural joy will shine through – all by itself. It is who you are.

One of the great paradoxes about happiness is that the more you search for it, the more you overlook the possibility that you already have what you are looking for. You just haven’t recognised it yet. The Indian teacher, Papaji, used to advise his students to: “Call back the search party.”

The path to finding happiness is a well-trodden one and the ideas I share in this 193-page book have been around for millennia.

It is my hope that I have managed to put them across in a clear, cohesive… and entertaining manner

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