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Helping you make peace with your busy mind to awaken the joy, passion and inner freedom of your true self.

Kick The Thinking Habit

Learn How To Pull The Plug On A Busy Mind To Reclaim Your Inner Peace And Sanity

Does an overactive mind leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and wanting to pull your hair out? Learn how changing the way you relate to thoughts as they arise is the key to a harmonious relationship with the mind. The peace, joy and inner freedom you seek may be much closer than you think.

What’s blocking your inner peace and preventing you from living life to the full?

Do you have a gazillion thoughts running riot through your head all day long that won’t give you a moment’s peace? 

Perhaps you’re being held hostage by patterns such as anxiety, fear or self-doubt and don’t know how to shake them off?

Or maybe you’ve achieved all the things in life you thought were going to make you feel happy and fulfilled but, in truth, you feel numb inside. There’s an inner void that no amount of worldly success can ever satisfy. You know there’s ‘something missing’ but don’t know what it is… or how to resolve it. 

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Richard Paterson. I’m an ex-monk, meditation teacher and spiritual coach. I’ve written two books, ‘Kick The Thinking Habit’ and ‘Awaken The Happy You’

After almost four decades of spiritual exploration and self-discovery, it’s now my passion to share with others the spiritual nuggets I’ve unearthed along the way.

For over 25 years, I’ve been helping people to ‘think less and grow rich’—to quieten their busy minds and uncover the riches  within—the peace, the joy, the passion, the aliveness and the deep sense of spiritual connection and inner freedom that we all long for. Everything you seek is already inside you, waiting to be unearthed. I can help you find it.


Forget the notion you should be at peace and instead, just be as you are. 

In this, there is an inherent peace—an uncaused happiness that is beyond all reason.

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